We want! We want it so bad that our bones hurt, our souls yearn for the satisfaction of winning at life. But do you love? You need to love and it needs to be at the center of everything you do. Of course, love is not the end all be all in any event but you need to build the foundation on the action of love. I say the action because love isn’t just a being. It isn’t just a thought, it’s an action. The action of love is putting love itself into everything that you do. Put this into your relationship, your business, friendships, and most importantly, into yourself. Love yourself more than anything in this world because all of you is needed to love others. All of you is needed for you business to succeed and everything in life as you know it will crumble if you let it fall to the waist side of hate. Think about this for a second, Where would you be without love? Now think about where you would be if you had more love? NOW listen carefully, this is the most important question I will ask you…Where would you be if you gave more love? Good fortunes follow the heart of loving individuals and I truly want everyone to have the abundance of riches they deserve. Being negative towards any situation will undoubtedly bring negative results. Do not let this consume you into a life of hate, trust me it’s hard to pull yourself out of that funk. When things go bad, LOVE MORE! When things are great LOVE MORE! You can afford to give more love than you think you can handle, that’s when your success will outweigh your expectations. Get better every day. I love you!

Define U


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