Why Mistakes Are A Great Thing

Mistackes are great. You see? A misspelled word can be fixed, it helps me with the next time I need to spell “MISTAKES.” Your best teacher is your last mistake. The lesson learned from the last time you were vulnerable is the best lesson you can get. Mistakes breed experience and the experience is what really gives us credibility. Credibility gives us confidence and trusts me, you will need a lot of confidence to be great.

Here is the important part. You need to have the capacity to learn from your mistakes in order for the lesson to be properly taught. A lesson comes in the form of being humbled. Nothing feels worse than being humbled and still making the same mistake twice. Take the lesson in stride and do it differently when given the chance. Life always gives you a makeup call. “Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.” -Napoleon Hill

Do not stress so much over a mistake, it’s always correctable. Move on and dominate the next moment. You got this! Get better every day.

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2 thoughts on “Why Mistakes Are A Great Thing

  1. Perfectly written. It’s so true, changing your mindset to see mistakes as lessons is one of the most important things to achieve for success. Even the greatest make mistakes, but it’s what they do with it that counts 🙂

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