How To Gain Confidence In Social Settings

I have always been an outgoing person, but that does not mean I do not have social insecurities. Everyone has social insecurities, so do not feel like you are the only one at a party that is feeling a bit out of place. The key to becoming better in in social settings is to create a comfortable environment for yourself. Have you ever been to a party where you knew almost everyone there? Most likely, you felt calm and were ready to mingle. This is the feeling we are striving for in a new social setting. This feeling can only be obtained by establishing relationships with people, why? Because relationships matter. It is the root to all friendships. Most people have a problem with talking to strangers, it’s really awkward and you can sometimes feel judgment coming from that person. Nobody can be you like you can be you! Remember this when you are in a situation of meeting new people.

Here are a few things to help you gain the confidence you need to be successful in a social setting.

  • Be accepting of your personality.  Believe that you are a good person and that anybody would be lucky to have known you. Let your personality reign supreme.
  • Set proper expectations. Not every person you meet will end up your best friend. Find out beforehand what the end goal is for yourself and proceed accordingly. If you are at a business lunch, make sure you keep expectations to the business level.
  • Avoid negative thoughts. Give yourself a chance from the beginning. A lot of people take themselves out of the game by having negative thoughts going into social settings.
  • Keep calm. RELAX! This is perhaps the most important. It is fine for someone not to like you, there are an infinite amount of people in this world and you will meet some great people. Take your time and trust yourself. You got this!


To recap, the goal is to build great relationships with people. Trust yourself and your personality and realize that not everyone is intended to be your best friend. The people who were meant to be in your life will gravitate towards you. Get better every day!

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