Why You Are Responsible For You

You are 100% responsible for yourself. You are absolutely 100% responsible for your life. Nobody is coming to save you! It took me a while to realize this fact. A lot of people do not have someone that will save them or make them successful. Sure you can and will get help along the way but once in a position of strength, it is up to you to stay there. This is where many people fail, they assume that someone will always be there to break the fall, I say grind hard so that you will be able to fly. Too many people are content with being mediocre. This is unacceptable, mainly because most people love to complain about the rich and famous. All successful people worked to get to where they are now, did some have help? Sure! But it’s harder to stay at the top than it ever was to get there.

I want to give you the true essence of you being responsible for you. A lot of people in this world help with providing information on self-improvement, including myself. This is my life passion. You have to seek this information out for yourself, nobody is forcing you to read this, nobody is forcing you to buy and read books on self-improvement, and most importantly nobody is forcing you to apply this knowledge. That is why you are responsible for you. Take all the help you can get but remember to shine you must first believe you deserve it. Get better every day!

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