Can You Be Successful Without Being Driven?

What does it mean to be driven? If you try and look up the definition the results can be frustrating. There are several definitions to find. I had to come up with my own meaning for the spirit of being driven.

“The extra effort needed to find another way to succeed when everything has failed.” -Marquis Cooper

Even though I have my definition of what it means to be driven it really does come down to you and what you feel your definition is. I believe being driven comes from within and you have a singular meaning to your own life. What drives you? Kids, Money, Happiness? You see, everyone has a different reason. It can be confusing at times knowing the difference between a motivation and the drive. Motivation happens when you wake up. You need a daily motivation to get up and get after it. Having drive is what you do during the day. Specifically what you do when you are running out of options. What type of person are you? Do you quit when things get tough? I hope not because this world is full of too many people who do quit. One of my favorite quotes is by Thomas Edison who said: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  

I encourage you to think about what it means to you to be driven. You absolutely cannot go through life and expect to be successful without being driven by something internal. I believe in you. Get better every day!

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