Friday Spotlight: A Quote By Robin Williams

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Where do I start with such an amazing person? Robin Williams was a brilliant man who put a smile on so many people’s faces, mine included. He had countless hilarious memories I’m sure we can all share. Today we will focus on the above quote. I love this quote. Nothing in the world may be truer than this statement. The world was built on ideas. The beautiful buildings we see every day, the automobile, by land or by sea. We have truly accomplished unparalleled feats thus far in life. The one thing we seem to be having a problem with is recognizing that our words matter. Too many people in this world just talk without substance.  I have one question, Do you have the audacity to change the world? You do not need to create the best idea ever, you just need to have one. You do not need to be the best speaker in the world, you just need to be you. Often times when I speak to people I can tell they get a little bit of hope. It’s not just what I say, it’s my attitude towards those words. Humans need to feel words, not listen to them. The expression “goes in one ear and comes out the other” is a true statement. This is what happens when we listen. You need to hear the words, Hearing the words speaks to your soul, when we feel words in our soul it sticks with us. It changes out entire mood, It moves us to want to do better, and unfortunately worse in some cases.

They say a baby first five years of life is the most important. This is where the child picks up everything. Learns everything. This is why it is recommended to talk to your baby as normal as possible using actual words. At that stage of life, you absorb at a high rate but what we tend to forget as we get older is that development never really stops. As adults, we are influenced daily by the words of others. We may not recognize it but the words and attitudes of others are how we set our mood throughout the day. Try smiling and saying good morning to someone. They will most likely smile back and say the same. IF you would have said something mean to that person they would most likely look at you funny and say something mean back. Now your mood is negative. Stay in a positive space as much as possible. Go and change the world. I can’t wait to meet you. Get better every day.

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