Listen guys peer pressure doesn’t stop. As long as you have friends and are in contact with anyone in your age range you will get some pressures. Peer pressure, in a nutshell, is being pressured into doing something you don’t want to do. DO NOT DO IT! Believe me, it is not as easy as it sounds, we don’t want to disappoint our friends, right? We don’t want to risk not being the cool kid. I mean, who want’s to get talked about and made fun of. So what do you do when your friends ask you if you want to take a hit of some weed? You look them square in the eyes and you tell them NO. You tell them that you respect yourself enough to not fall into that kind of negative life.

Dealing with peer pressure is all about self-confidence and self-respect. The more confidence you have the less likely you are to feel the need to validate your friend’s notions of you. The more self-respect you have the less likely your friends are to ask you to join in on the foul play. It only takes once for your friends to know what type of person you are, they will start to respect you in a way that you can’t imagine. Growing up I did not drink alcohol. I was known for not drinking and it became a great thing for me. People stopped offering me drinks, and not one time did I feel pressure from my friends after I established that respect for myself. It is not about what you do with your friends it’s how you feel. In fact, it’s more how you make them feel in the presence of you. We strive to be leaders, not followers. Feeding into peer pressure is the number one pathway to take when becoming the ultimate follower. It is hard to break the mold of being a follower. You can absolutely learn to be a leader but it takes practice and attitude. Start TODAY!  Remember, establish some respect and your peers will follow you. Get better every day.

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