The Smell Of Victory

Get used to winning. The feeling you get from a win is unmatched. We create habits for ourselves that are so hard to break. We get into a habit of falling off the wagon, this is why it is so hard to diet. We do good for the first week and then it is right back to the unhealthy foods and skipping the gym. You have to start to smell like victory! What I mean by that is when people think of you, they think of a winner. This will bring so much positive karma to your life and at the same time build confidence within you to reach your full potential. the most important thing I ever did when starting my own business was surround myself with winners. You are the five people you surround yourself with. If you have a lazy friend, I’m willing to bet whenever you hang out with that person you are being lazy as well. Get with winners, hustlers, and bosses and you will soon be in the position of strength. You have to want to be a winner above all. Not one person got to the top alone and without the mindset to do it alone if need be. Have that Lion mentality. Be a leader of you and watch the success flow upon you. Feel free to comment and contact me anytime.  Get better every day.

Define U


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