Friday Spotlight: A Quote By Jackie Robinson

“A life isn’t significant except for its impact on other lives.”
― Jackie Robinson

Who’s life will you have an impact on? Now those with kids like myself will, of course, have an impact on them. We will, of course, have an impact on our family and those close to us. My dream is to have an impact on complete strangers daily. I hope to inspire many people in my lifetime with positive encouragement and stability that most people do not have. The question I want to ask in correlation to this quote is what will you do to have an impact on lives? Not everyone has a dream like I do, Not everyone will want to impact strangers, not knowing that every day we effect strangers without knowing. I try to smile at everyone because for someone that might be the one time they get a smile. Say something nice to the cashier at Target. Say hello to a stranger. Your impact doesn’t have to cost money, it can start with a simple act of kindness that is no doubt priceless to most people. I salute Mr. Jackie Robinson for his contributions to the game I love so much, but even more so for the impact he had on so many lives during his life and those lives that have carried on after him. Make your life count and be the positive for someone daily. Get better every day.

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