I speak to a lot of people and find that it is pretty common for some to have tunnel vision. Now I do not mean tunnel vision as in Medical tunnel vision that has to do with eyesight. I am speaking of only seeing things from your point of view. This can kill your business relationships as well as your personal relationships. Simply you do not want to operate daily from one perspective. Logically, it seems to not make sense at all, right? It can be the greatest asset to know another person’s perspective, if not for clarity but to gain the knowledge you would not otherwise know had you stuck to just one train of thought. You will risk looking like the dunce in the room if you only see things your way. Even if you know your way is the right way it’s imperative¬†that you get another perspective. How will you know if you missed something? Others perspective can give you great ideas to build upon and make your idea better. The most important perspective, in my opinion, is the point of view of your competition. If you know what their thought process is, how easy will it be to defeat the enemy? So, having tunnel vision is a bad thing. It will take over your brain and you can end up making mistakes you wouldn’t otherwise make if you were open minded. Get better every day.

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