The pain is necessary. In fact, we can’t have pleasure without it. There is no good without the bad. I believe everyone has the ability to be a superhero. You just haven’t found your  powers. Your power is your passion. Go outside at night in the pitch black dark and look up in the sky, what would you see? You would see stars and the moon. the sky is lit up at night. Stars cannot shine without darkness. You cannot shine without failure. The failure is what makes you strong, it what makes you dig deep down inside of you and find a little bit extra to get you through the storm.

Don’t be afraid of the storm. Dance in the rain and make the best of whatever cards you were dealt. If people see you shining despite the storm they will look to you for inspiration. Here’s the beautiful thing. You don’t have to do anything to inspire people but keep shining. Actions speak louder than words and like I have said before, people respond and gravitate to action. Get up, get dressed, show up, show out and get better every day.

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One thought on “Dance In The Rain

  1. Very true words that took me years to learn. Now if I can just resist the urge to run interference for my kids so they too can experience the bad which makes the good that much sweeter.

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