Want To Kill It In Your Industry? You Have To Have This One Thing

What does it take to be known in your industry? Now, I’m sure you can come up with a million ways to be discovered but really all you need is confidence in yourself. Nearly all self-help books I read say the same thing in one way or another, CONFIDENCE. Not many people have the right amount of confidence in themselves to be fearless. You need to be numb to negativity to become a star. Confidence is also contagious, It is a key element to being a great leader. People follow what they believe to be a sure thing and nothing says sure thing like a boss who knows what he is doing and does it with conviction. This doesn’t work with just the boss, it works for everyone. Having the confidence to do anything will improve your daily life by a mile. But how do we create more confidence in ourselves?

  • Be prepared to take on any tasks.
  • Stay positive and think positive at all times.
  • Get up, get dressed and show up.
  • Speak with conviction

Everyone is wired differently, so what might trigger your confidence could be different from my own. For me, it is how I dress. I wear a suit every day, even on weekends. I do this because when I step outside of my home it makes me feel worth the day. Ir makes me feel important because I am important. What is it that gives you confidence? Comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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