One of the biggest reasons people don’t follow through with their dreams is because they don’t have the support. I think you’re looking for it in the wrong places. You have to understand that the people closest to you don’t have to support you to want you to succeed. Ask any entrepreneur about the first time they started. If you have your own clothing line, chances are your real customers will be the strangers you market your product to. Everyone you know will want it for free. Do not let this get you down, it’s important to remember that the people closest to you are human beings as well. They gravitate to action as well. If you want someone to support what you are about and what you are selling, you have to work. Action breeds results!

There will always be someone who won’t like you, leave them behind. Just like in fishing, do not harp on the ones you missed, be happy about the ones you caught. Here’s the interesting thing. The people you think will support you the most may be the ones who don’t want you to succeed at all. Remember, they are human and there is a level of jealousy that comes with being human. Someone will always think they can do better than you, at what you do. Keep grinding and know that the people who are supposed to rise to the top with you will certainly be there. Stay humble and keep shining. Get better every day.

Define U

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