Time waits for no man. We don’t have the time to waste on anything that does not further our progression as a decent human being. This weekend focus on becoming the best you possible. Start off small with a simple compliment to a stranger, it truly makes others day when they hear simple words. I didn’t grow up in the best neighborhood nor do I live in the best now but most people are so used to others looking at them funny or with a negative imagery that it makes their mood as such. Yesterday morning I waved at a guy walking down the street. He was so shocked that I looked in my rearview mirror and he was staring at my car as It drove away in disbelief. Most people are like this when a stranger pays them a compliment or just says hello. We need to focus on getting to a point in the world where being nice is normal. You can only control yourself just like I can only control myself. This means we can positively affect those surrounding us. Get out there and be nice. Your world will be better for it. Get better every day!

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