“Get up, get dressed, show up, show out, and get it done.”

-Marquis Cooper

Half of the battle is showing up in the first place. Get there and get it done. The difference between success and failure is in the mind. Your mindset is what wakes you up in the morning. It is what start the process. The hard work you put it starts to show when you need to perform. Get up in the morning, get dressed and show the hell up. The best thing you can ever do in life is be there. Great moments don’t happen when you’re thinking about doing it, they come to fruition when you make it happen. Consistency is what breed greatness, no matter what you have going on in your personal life when the lights come on, go get it. If you have a job interview but you can’t make it for whatever reason, should that employer stop the hiring process for you? Would you as a boss stop your hiring process? Probably not. get up and get there, PERIOD!   You go this! Now get out there and be the best! Get better every day!

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