Support Your Circle

The support you get from your friends and family is priceless. The feeling you have when you know at least one person has your back is even better. The problem that we have is some of us and dare I say even most of us do not support our friends. Yes, we tell our friends we support their business or life but our actions are a bit different. If your friend has his own clothing line, support that friend by purchasing a shirt or two. Do not ask for it for free unless you are providing a service to that person for trade. It’s not difficult to do. We make it difficult because we expect our friends to provide a free shirt or a free concert or a free anything. It’s not to say that If you have a business you can’t give a friend a shirt but it would be nice if every now and then they supported you and your dreams. That’s what it’s all about. Supporting each other and our dreams. Make the best of this life and do it with undeniable passion. Let’s love each other instead of being haters. Get better every day.

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