Successful lives come down to a few things. One being you rising up to certain levels or staying down with the people who don’t. You will never be as great as you can be by playing it safe. Essentially that is what most people do. Nobody wants to fail so they think of the easiest path and take it. The path of uncertainty is the mot fruitful. Along that path, you will run into obstacles, you will fail, you get bruised and beat up but it will make you stronger in the end. That path prepares you for the success ahead. The easy path prepares you for the next time you want to take the easy way out. It provides no substance for your struggle. People who rise get noticed by someone in a position to help them make their lives better. People who take the easy road meet like minded individuals who “talk” about living out their dreams. Do you know someone who always talks about doing something but never provides action? Is this you? Think about that for a second. You can change this for yourself if this is you. Start today! Start to do something today to li9ve out your dreams. Set some goals that work toward the end game. You got this! RISE UP! Get better every day.

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