When Nobody Is Watching

The person you are when nobody is looking is who you REALLY are. The work you put in by yourself is the real work ethic. What are you doing in your along moments? What is the mission and are you doing whatever you can to make it happen for you? This is relevant in any aspect of your life, no matter the age, no matter the profession. If you’re a writer, what are you doing to make yourself a better writer in your alone moments? If you’re an athlete what are you working on in your alone time? Most people have a work ethic when others are around so they can avoid the embarrassment, but the test of your character and drive is what happens in the dark.

I remember back in the day while playing baseball in high school. My best friend and teammate had a tarp set up in his garage for batting practice. Sure, we practiced with the team every day but in the summer and the weekends we would be in his garage taking 100 swings each. THAT is what made us better. It wasn’t the practices that made us better, it was the work that we put in when nobody was looking. When your competition is resting, WORK! Here is the beautiful thing about what I am telling you. Nobody can tell you to do this. Either you have it or you don’t. You can become someone special or you can be mediocre. Your heroes work when the lights are off. The books that you read written by millionaires were written after hours. So, who are you when nobody is looking? Go be a champion. Get better every day!

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