Protect Your Positivity 

“Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.”

-Napoleon Hill

I can write endless blog posts on Napoleon Hill quotes because even though they were written many years ago, they are timeless. The past is left behind us because the future ahead of us is so much more important. This means do not harp on the adversity you face. Use that negative energy as an advantage to fuel what is around the corner. It is said that the most dangerous animal in the world is an animal that is backed into a corner. If you back an animal into the corner the only instinct it has is to survive. Fight its way out of that corner. This is the mentality you need to have at all times. The problem we face as human beings are, we stay in the negative for too long, we dig a hole too deep to get out of and all of a sudden you are in a deep depression. If you can focus on one problem at a time and attack it head on, I believe you will find some peace in your decisions.

Remember, when you are faced with adversity, it will breed a success if you accept it. The one thing I want you to leave this post with is readiness. It is imperative that you be ready for the success that comes along with the failure. Do not stay in the negative but look for the hope to find the positive. If you keep an open positive mind that win is going to come and you will accept it with open arms. You got this! Get better every day.

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