Politics and Bullshit 

I love everything politics, but I had to ask myself why. why do I like something that I often completely disagree with? Why is it that we constantly say “I hate the politics of the office” when referring to why we didn’t get a promotion or left our job? we spend so much time worrying about the negative aspects of everything that we forget central issues that effect our daily lives. Think about this election cycle. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are examples of why politics are bullshit. every day I watch the news cycle through countless broken  records in hopes that one system the pieces will fall into place and Play a sweet song. That day isn’t coming, folks. I have learned this year throughout the presidential process that it’s more about what you can do for yourself rather than waiting for a savior. There isn’t a person that’s going to give you wealth. Nobody is coming to save you, make shit happen for yourself.

That last sentence should have really stuck out to you . “Nobody is coming to save you, make shit happen for yourself.” Truer words have never been spoken. When we think of politics we think of who can we as a country benefit from the most? I won’t go as far to say our President means nothing to us but I will say that your daily happiness is completely up to you. Your wealth and the well being of your  family depends on how hard out work , how much you want it and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it.

To wrap his up the main goal with this blog entry is to get you to understand that bullshit is bullshit even if it’s dressed in fancy clothes. Do not expect any one person to make your life hate you think it should be, look in the mirror and make a living. Get better every day.

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