There are times in our lives where we will come across moments. How you handle these moments determine whether you will be successful or not. The sad part in this is most people miss those moments and let them pass by. Not having the proper faith in yourself and in God will make you see things that aren’t there. You will not be focused enough to be ready for opportunities that present themselves to you. It is truly all in the mindset.


What we are really looking for in life are opportunities. We want to prove ourselves the best at whatever we do. The challenge of it all is what should drive you to want to become the greatest. If you get the opportunity to shine, TAKE IT! That moment may not come to you twice. Be comfortable in giving it all you’ve got and be even more comfortable with failing and being fine with it. Failure breeds success! I remember back in school taking tests and not being prepared at all. It was a lonely feeling, looking around the classroom and feeling like I am the only one not ready, failure was almost certain. I missed multiple opportunities to study for that test, I had chosen to put different priorities in front of my studies and because of my actions, I failed. The lessons learned from that feeling carried over to every aspect of my life. I was now conscious of that feeling and knew that If I were not prepared for anything I was certain to lose.

Take every opportunity and turn it into a triumphant story. Recognizing those moments are not as hard as you make think. We see these opportunities daily and choose to act or not. This does not have to be a grand event or some life changing moment in your life. Take the small victories as well. You will need them to reflect on during bad days. You cannot take a big step in your life without first being content with small steps. Pay attention to the detail in those small steps. Mold yourself into the champion I know you can be. Change the world by building yourself brick by brick. Get better every day.

Define U


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