Today 11/08/2016 is Election Day. The right that we here in America should take advantage of to get our voices heard. Nobody likes to openly talk about politics or religion but I love it. I love it because it is raw and true feelings have to be expressed in the matter. I encourage everyone in America to get out and go vote.

With the above being said…

It won’t help you! Voting for a president will not improve your daily life. Presidents are very necessary in their own respect as the leader of our country but your daily life is dependent on you and YOU alone. NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU!

The fundamental problem we face as human beings is too many of us are looking for the handout, the hookup, the easy road. There is no easy road because the only thing harder than getting to the top is STAYING THERE. There are some sharks at the top.


I love the above meme. Why? Because It applies to so much more than just a Monday. Sharks don’t care what day it is, they get after it because that’s what they do! Be a shark! Do not wait for your food to come to you, GO GET IT! It’s not enough to be hungry anymore in the world, you need to actively pursue your wildest dreams and believe that today you’re going to eat. Make the effort today to get it going or better yet, make the effort to KEEP IT GOING. You got this! Get better every day!

Define U

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