Every day you wake up there is a battle that happens in your mind. Every day we choose a side, we choose the good or the bad. The negative or the positive. Most times, unfortunately, most people fall into the negative category. These are taken over by hatred for your job, something negative you saw on television, heard on the radio and so forth. These can be very easy to fall victim to if you let it. Staying in the positive is actually easier than you may think. I wrote about Moments = opportunity in a previous blog. Every moment you encounter brings with it the opportunity of success. It breeds the very seed that positivity is built on. You can win these moments by seeing them for what they are, opportunities. One of the most common negative battles we lose daily is road rage. Everyone who has driven a vehicle before knows about road rage. We get caught up in the moment of thinking that the other driver is incompetent and doesn’t know how to drive that we let the moment ruin that opportunity to show patience withing yourself. Move on! As the Late great Chick Hearn would say “No harm, no foul.”

Make it a point to slow yourself down and think about winning the battle. Wake up and literally say to yourself “Win the battle.” In practicing your patience and by having the will that you can win each moment, you will realize that you are having more and more great days. Having a great day is the war we are ultimately trying to win. Getting better every day is the goal we try to achieve by winning these battles. You can do this! Get better every.

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