We’re going to keep this one short and sweet. You don’t have time to be timid in your actions. Life is too short to play around with how you feel. Speak up on the issues that you love and educate yourself on the issues you do not know about. There is nothing more annoying that reading a comment or listening to someone speak about isseus they know nothing about. We have all been there before, on your Facebook page right now you can read something ridiculous. Do not be this person. It is encouraged for every person to have an opinion but please do yourself a favor and learn first. Read about all you can on that subject and your opinions can be laced with factual data, and your point will become clear throughout.

One more thing before we wrap this up. Do not be afraid to be wrong. Being wrong is the best teacher. The experience we get from mistakes cannot be matched. My mistakes arefor me only, as yours are for you only. Question everything and most of all be yourself. Sounds cliche but cliches are often true. Get better every day.

Define U

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