This weekend is about giving your body something amazing. I practice the art of meditation on a nightly basis and it is the best thing I have ever done. That is what I will do for my body this weekend, give it peace. For you, it may be to get a good workout in, to walk that extra mile, to push your body to the limit, or just simply feed it a good healthy meal.

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We only get one body it musty be treated with respect. I always talk about having a positive mindset going into any situation but you must realize that your body is ahuge part of your brain. If you feel sluggish from bad foods and lack of excersize, your brain will be in the same melting pot. It can spiral into something not good and dig a hole that is hard to get out of. Find serenity in your practice this weekend.

The goal is to start a trend for yourself. Start today and repeat tomorrow, then the next day and the next day. It is said that it takes 21 days for you to form a habit. That is a very short time and that 21 days can set you up for a lifetime of happiness. What will you do this weekend for your body? Make a good decision and show yourself the respect you deserve. Get better every day.

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