Never Settle For The Abridged

Abridged means to shorten (a book, movie, speech, or other text) without losing the sense.

Never settle for the abridged in any sense of the imagination. Get used to not taking the easy way out. The cliff notes version does not give you the advantage that you would want. You want to be more informed, more importantly, you want to form your own opinions on things. Before you do so, you need to read the full book, so to speak. If you want a job, find out everything you can about that position, pros and cons, the company issues, the company’s success and if you can the goal of the company. It is important to find everything out so that you are fully prepared for the task at hand. Remember back in school where you crammed for that test? I’m willing to bet you felt more confident going into the test when you studied for a week or more.

Getting all of the information is a way to avoid being deceived. You cannot be tricked into anything if you first do your homework and work every angle. Remember this. Take it with you and do not settle for anything less than greatness. Get better every day.

Define U


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