We all have goals and what that really means is we all have multiple finish lines that we would like to cross. Here is the problem. Not every goal we set is going to get met. That is where the beauty lies for me, in that space of uncertainty where dreams go to die. I thrive on that space and you should too. You should because that is where your purpose is bred. Your purpose is the why behind the goal. You set a goal of wanting to be a millionaire, okay, but why? Why do you want that money? What are you going to do with it? Are you going to be done after you make this money? The why is the purpose to the finish line. Figure out the purpose and you will not be able to fail. What I mean by this is you cannot stop something that refuses to stop itself. Water cuts through rock because it has undeniable persistence. You need to have this type of persistence to meet the inevitable obstacle you will face in that space of goal death. Will you let your fear win? or will you allow yourself to be the person you see in your dreams? I’d choose the winning side. Get better every day!

Define U


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