Friday Spotlight: A Quote By President Barack Obama

We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent. 

-Barack Obama

There are a plethora of quotes I could use for the purpose of Friday Spotlight from President Obama. I chose the quote above because it speaks to what the world and its people should be like. We as human beings need to want to be excellent. We need to believe that we are supposed to be great. People do not want to be successful. I realize that most people say they want to be successful but the problem is behind the meaning of what they think it takes to actually become a successful person. When you read self-help books and you watch motivational speeches or read motivational blogs, you need to get in your mind that the idea of being excellent is needed to become great. You have to already believe you are what you want to be.

All of this is internal. I cannot help you with this and any motivational speech you listen to cannot help you. We cannot save you. Only you can save you. You have to make the decision to be successful and it starts with owning every possible aspect of your life. Be a BOSS! Own things that should be owned. Keep your personal space clean and organized, make a schedule and stick to it. Stay disciplined in your learning and always seek the help of a mentor. The point behind everything is to spend time on YOU! Spend time on being excellent. Get better every day.

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