I love Mondays. Now that I got that out of the way I will tell you the main reason why I love Mondays and how I carry it into every day. Monday is a day of effort. Even people who hate their jobs know that Monday means work. It isn’t a day you can slack off or make excuses, either you get it done or you don’t. I believe behind every success is the seed of effort you planted in your mind. Think about it…

Your effort determines everything. It takes an effort to do anything in life, the real question is how much effort do you use for the desires you have? One of my favorite books is the 10x Rule written by Grant Cardone. I love this book because it about giving 10x efforts to achieve the goal. Hell to have a better life. I encourage everyone to purchase this book and soak it in. How bad do you want it? Your dreams aren’t going to become a reality just because you say it so, you have to take action and DO IT! Nothing comes easy and if you feel the need to be a success then you will make the effort to do so. Here’s the thing, good effort isn’t enough, a great effort may be just enough. You need an insane amount of effort to surpass the goals and become what you feel a success is for you. The reason you need an insane effort is because that is what will get you passed the bad days. Let’s be honest, we all do not give a full effort day in and day out at our jobs. I hope you do but most of you do not. That’s the reason the clock seems to go backward. That’s what creates long days. That is what we all dread, long boring days where we just want to go home. Find your passion and get to work on it. Give an insane undeniable effort on your passion and watch your wildest dreams come true. Get better every day.

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