This holiday season find serenity in everything you do. RELAX! I do not mean relax on your goals and get lazy in your pursuit. I am saying relax your mind and find peace in your decisions. Do not give yourself unnecessary stress in these times. The holiday season is about love and family. Immerse your lifestyle in a calm space and live there for a while, you will realize that all of the worries can fall to the waist side.

Sunset along the north shore of Lake Superior at Stoney Point.

For me, it’s meditation. Meditation helps me get into a calm state every night before bed. I let my mind clear of all negativity and I think about the positive things that happened that day. I think about how I can learn from the negative of the day’s events. It helps me find peace in knowing that tomorrow will be a new and better day. Take the opportunity to give yourself a happier mindset before bed so that you can sleep well and get the day started right. What is it that you do for serenity? We all have different methods. Some Meditate like me, others pray, for some it’s music. I want to point out that it does not have to be something you do at home. Fishing is another way I find peace. To be out there with just my thoughts and a task at hand. It helps me think and collect my thoughts.

I would love to hear how you find peace. Comment below and tell me what you do for serenity. Get better every day.


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