Calm your mind and know that it’s fine to take the time you need to grow. Just because we live in a world where we want things to happen fast and we can get anything we want at the push of a button does not mean your spirit and mind need to race as fast. What I mean by spirit, is your energy or as I like to call it Inner(G). We all need time to grow as human beings and you have to learn that helping others is not an option until you can help yourself. You can’t do anything effectively for others without first being sound yourself, If you’re a single man or woman, you cannot and will not be in a successful relationship because you will not have your best potential self to offer someone else. This is why relationships fail.

Happiness is a mindset. Bad things are going to happen to you. I want to repeat that so you can really understand it. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. It’s unavoidable, but the beauty in that is the defining moments in our lives come from how we react to these bad things. If you can master the thought of you being happy, the thought of you deserving happiness than you will conquer any obstacle emotionally.

The point is to make sure you take care of you first. Grow within your faith, your goals, your work and stay true to what your morals are. Get better every day.

Define U


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