This weekend is about confidence.You need to develop a confidence in all aspects of life. This weekend focus your time and efforts on building a confident mindset. If you have read my previous posts you will notice that I mention mindset quite a bit. This is because everything that we do starts and ends there. What areas of your life are you unsure about? I ask this question because everyone knows what they are good at. We know what areas in our life we are confident in, my goal is to get you to work on your weaker confident areas. I am a firm believer in you playing to every strength you have to get ahead. I preach this daily to anyone willing to listen, this weekend is the direct contradiction to that rule for me. Take an hour a day to work on yourself. Just two hours this weekend and become a better person because of it.

Now, how do you get better? Look for it. An effort is every thing. Find a youtube video, search a blog site, talk to a mentor, find a mentor for that matter. These things are achievable for free. Go get it! Get better every day.

Define U


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