80% of your success is the why. 20% is the how. You have to know what the why is before you figure how to do it. The why are your goals. Why are your goals important? What will you gain from these goals? What will you lose if you do not hit these goals? Once you have these answers you can figure how you will hit these goals. The important thing to remember is the why is mostly a mindset. I speak to so many people who do not believe they can do half of what they want to do, as you can imagine this is a huge problem. This is the only problem, I should say. If you don’t put the seed of possibility in your brain then it can not be true. It may as well be the boogie man. Do not let your dreams turn into a mythical character. You owe it to yourself to be great. Get better every day.

It is also important to realize that the why in anything you do is what keeps you Inspired. Motivations change every single day but your why stays the same. You cannot achieve true greatness without fulfilling a purpose. Find your purpose, find your happiness. People think money makes them happy, NOPE! It’s not the money that makes you happy, it’s the completion of the task that makes you happy, the money helps you live a fruitful life. It keeps you temporarily happy. Can you think of why you want to be successful? Be definite. You deserve it. Get better every day.


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