Last week for my birthday I received so much love. Everyone had such kind words to pass along to me and I appreciate every single breath taken in my favor. For the most part, everyone said that they appreciated my ability to put a smile on others face, how I was so nice and positive all the time. I did not expect anything for my birthday and although I received amazing gifts, the best gift of all was the thought of love towards myself.

What kind of energy do you want to surround you? Think on this for a minute because it is the exact love you will get back. Imagine what it would be like if you wee kind to people all day long. Try this immediately, go up to someone and give them a compliment. Watch their reaction and see if it doesn’t make you feel great inside. Do this with someone you have a quarrel with and it will be even better. Love is the best medicine for negativity. Positive is the best cure for hate.

I always talk about changing your mindset for the better and I stand by those words. What you will need this time is your heart and the faith you have inside of it. Having great faith in your morals and spiritual beliefs will change your outlook on life, thus changing how people see you as a part of theirs. So, I will ask you again, What kind of energy do you want to surround you?

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