What Is Fear?


Fear is a damn lie. What you are afraid of is a directly correlated with your success. Your fear is all the bad experiences that you have had wrapped up into a burrito of mystery meat. Let me explain. We are afraid of the unknown. We don’t know what is around the corner so our experience tells us that it could be really bad and we should play it safe. That mystery meat may be the greatest thing you ever tasted if you’re willing to take the leap. Answer this for yourself, what great story can you tell anyone about that time you played it safe? I’m betting you can’t without dressing it up in the worst super-hero suit you can think of. The best stories are the ones with surprises and twist and turns. Think of the experience you gain by taking the hard road. It can be the best decision you ever made. Besides, the people you meet by taking risk end up helping you in areas you lack confidence in. Nobody likes a liar, don’t believe the fear. Go get it. Be Inspired! Get better every day!

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