Last night I had a very productive meeting with a peer of mine. Really, he’s like a brother to me. We both have a passion for helping people transform into superb human beings. We agreed to meet with each other once a week for a power session of just being around great minds. Today, I encourage everyone to do the same. Not with just one person but with as many people as you can. I know you have heard this before “Your network is your net worth.” Some of the best advice I can give to any person is Go out and shake some hands. Meet new people and build relationships with people. Your life will be better for it. Your business will certainly be better for it. Call some friends today, meet with them and discuss progress in life. Not every meeting with your friends should be about just the game or sitting around joking around. At least once a week talk about progress and build on your future. Bounce ideas off of each other and watch what happens. You will then have a renewed sense of purpose and energy…weekly. Start NOW! Be Inspired. Get better every day! Peace!

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