It seems like blessings keep falling in my lap. 2016 has been one of the most up and down years of my life and I couldn’t be happier for it. This year alone has made me stronger than ever. Lately, the blessings have been falling from the sky and into my heart. Why? Well, simply put I believe it is because I have put positive energy out into the world and used action behind it. I do everything with good vibes in mind. People who have been prejudice towards me or racist towards me get the same treatment. I’m nice to everyone. I believe that we cannot change the opinions of others unless we lead by example. People want to see the change and emulate it. People have to see that what you are saying works. I don’t talk about having nice cars and houses and flying first class because I truly know that the key to happiness is what you have in your soul. Happiness is having faith that no matter what you can overcome anything. Have a passion for life and happiness and watch how many blessings you receive. I love you all! Be Inspired! Get better every day.

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