It Doesn’t Take Much

It does not take a lot of energy to be nice. It actually takes more energy to be mean, that simple fact alone should make you want to be nice at all times. Remember that one time five years ago you were really mad? Yeah, me neither! But I’ll tell you what I do remember. I remember small acts of kindness someone showed me that meant so much to me. Let me share the story.

About 7 years ago I had a daily commute to work. I drove from San Bernardino, Ca to Pasadena, Ca every day, about a 45-minute drive. Every day I stopped at a gas station to get gas, snacks, etc. Every day there was a homeless woman who I used to give loose change too. She was a very nice lady, so nice that one day around Christmas time I came out of the gas station and told her that I would give her the change on the way out as usual. I noticed that she had two paper bags in her hand. She said to me, “Young man I want to do something nice for everyone so I am giving everyone a shirt for Christmas.” The look on my face cannot be duplicated to this day. I was shocked and frankly, it almost brought me to tears. I thought, here is a lady who doesn’t have much but is still giving everyone she comes into contact with a Christmas gift.

Acts of kindness cost you nothing and to be honest that lady probably received a blessing she neve thought was coming but surely deserved it. The energy you put out into the world is the energy you get back. It does not take much. It’s proven! Be Inspired! Get better every day.

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