There are several ways to make money. All of them and I do mean every single way is driven by one thing, ACTION! You need to take action to do anything in life. Even things that require a bit of luck are driven by action. If you hit the lottery, the simple action of going to purchase the ticket is needed. Nothing good happens from a position of laziness. The interesting thing is everyone who reads this will say “Duh, I knew that.”  The people who know it and do nothing still are what concern me the most. I strive to help people become the best version of themselves. Better yet, my ultimate goal is to bring out the best version of you, so that you can start to live a happier life. My number one friend in life is action! That is where I start my baseline with anyone. My first question is, what are you doing to fix this? What actions are you taking to resolve this problem? We all have the capability to fix our own problems, we all have the ability to be happy, we just need to realize it for ourselves. With the new year approaching, write down three things that you would like to take more action with in 2017. Then get to work early. I love you! Be Inspired.Get better every day.

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