You have to be careful with the word and meaning or prepare. Prepare means to make (something) ready for use or consideration.

You need to be careful because preparations can easily turn into procrastination. How long should one prepare to do something? For me, I say If I can’t come up with a plan of attack in 24 hours it’s not important enough to me to make it happen. We are living in a time where everything happens instantly. Mistakes are made on the fly and it is okay to make them. It humanizes you and people actually like and respect you more for it. The key to getting started

Getting started can be difficult because there is a fear element attached to new beginnings. Think about how many times you have written an essay and your first thought being “how am I going to start?” The beautiful thing with life is out mistakes are the rough draft. We get to make the mistake, get the lesson and fix it for a better end result. You can do this! Don’t spend your life preparing for greatness, Go get it! Be Inspired!

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