What do you think sets you apart from your competition? If you did not say knowledge, you’re almost wrong. I say almost because there are several ways to set yourself apart but the most important to me is knowledge. Have you ever spoken to someone and it seemed that they were very comfortable with what they were saying? Think about a subject that you feel mastered in, meaning you know just about everything there is to know about this subject. If someone were to come up to you and ask a question about that subject, you wouldn’t think twice about an answer. The goal is to build your mindset up to a place where you want to become a master in all things you. Your work, your FINANCES, your PASSION, your LIFE. Set yourself apart from everyone in the room with your knowledge and watch what happens. What will happen is a different respect will come your way. You’ll notice that you want to be in the room with important people, the most rewarding are people will look at you as the important person. BE IMPORTANT! There are certain perks that come with being important. Educate yourself…You deserve it! Be Inspired!

Define U


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