“People with good intentions make promises, but people with good character keep them.” -Eric Thomas 

This quote hits home for everyone. I believe people when making promises have good intentions on keeping that promise but when broken, simply, it was not important enough. I don’t want to get into the promises that people make to others. I want to speak on the promises that people make and break to themselves. We all want to be successful. I never say we all want to be rich because that is subjective and different amounts of money make different people happy.

I want to challenge everyone who reads this to make a promise to yourself. I want you to promise that you will always give everything that you have on a daily basis. Not every day are we going to feel 100%, mentally, physically or otherwise. What we can do every day is still give 100% of what we do have left. Maximum effort is required to be successful. Most people think the effort and struggle are to help you get to the top. No, it is to help and teach you to stay at the top. Think about this the next time you make a promise to you or anyone else. Your character is everything you have. Be Inspired! Get better every day!

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