I have a lot of interest but very few passions. I have a passion for helping people, I love baseball and Bowling. I want to specifically talk about the bowling aspect of it today. One day I will bowl on a pro tour event, on television in front of a lot of people. This may seem like a dumb goal but it is a goal of mine nonetheless. Now most people tell me that they don’t get it, they do not understand why I waste time practicing or bowling in a league when I have goals to be a multi-millionaire. Here’s why I am passionate about it. No matter how small the passion or how obsolete it may be in comparison to your big dreams, it still needs to take precedent over things that don’t matter. Everyone has heard the saying “You make time for the things/people you want.” Well, this is no different. I am not saying it is okay to do something just to do it but if you truly have a passion for something, GO GET IT! Think on this for a while. Do not give up on your small passions. I love you guys. Be Inspired!

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