We all want an edge in our lives. The edge can be for various reasons, such as money, health, life choices, etc. The key is to create an advantage. One easy way to do this is to stay on top of yourself. Constantly remind yourself of why you do what you do. Days get hard, especially when you do not feel like doing what needs to be done. 

When you awake in the morning write your goals for the year down along with what you want to accomplish that day. The goal is to create a pattern of accountability as well as a pattern of victories. If you know your goals before starting your day and what you want to accomplish, the benefit will be you getting passed obstacles that may come your way. It is as simple as that to get your day going. 

On the flip side, before you lay down to sleep, write your goals one more time. Also, what you did accomplish. This will remind you before bed that you did have victories and you can feel great about that while laying down to reflect.  We often don’t have the luxury of things falling in our laps, so we have to create our advantages. Mentally we need this edge to be elite. Be Inspired!


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