You are the superhero in your own story. Which means you are naturally going to feel a need to help others around you. Often, just like fictional superhero characters, you will on occasion forget about taking care of yourself. It is easy to forget our wants and likes and even needs while taking care of others. The most important person in your life is YOU. Yes, Even if you have children. your children depend on you to be happy, healthy, and hungry for success. Why? Simply put, in order for your loved ones to succeed through the graciousness of you, they need you at your best. Work on you at all times, do something for yourself that makes you happy. You already put the work in daily to get things in order for your family, why not take an hour a day to do something to get your mind right and stay in the positive.

Here’s the beautiful thing about doing things for yourself that make you happy. Others see it and want to be it. You can lead by example, it is contagious.  Food for thought! You deserve happiness. The ones close to you will thank you for it. Be Inspired

Define U

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