Too many people follow instead of leading.

That’s probably the most important thing I have written in months. It is truer than I would love to admit. The sad reality is it isn’t any fault of a follower. It is the leader’s fault that so many people follow without a purpose of leading themselves. Often, most people fall into a mindset of “show me the way” and get stuck in doing it the exact way of whoever is ahead of them. Every day you should strive to walk through the door the leader has opened for you, but the path has to be walked by yourself. You have to take your own experiences and failures in order to build a door that someone behind you can walk through. You are doing a huge disservice to yourself by not creating a path for yourself. If we do everything like someone ahead of us we will never surpass that example. The world is constantly evolving, new technology and information if born every day, we would be fools to not evolve with this information and do better than what came before us. Like I said before the door is being created for you, once you get over the fear to walk through, you can then create doors for the younger generation. Be a leader! We need you! Be Inspired!

Define U


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