No Room For Maybe

Saying Maybe is almost like saying no. If you have a dream there is no room for maybe. It has to be YES. You need to be definitive in your goals because in route to that destination you will no doubt face adversity that will want to destroy you. We commonly call that fear. Adversity brings with it a fear to move forward. Unfortunately, most people fall back into their comfort zone and never go after what they want, simply because they are afraid to fail.

Do not put the seed of doubt in your heart, there is no room for doubt in the winner’s circle. Do not end up being in the content circle where most people are. The content circle is where dreams go to die, the only way to not end up in a lifetime os regret is to fly. Spread your wings and go after it. This road isn’t easy and it will test you, but it will pay off if you stay the course and don’t give up on your dreams. Be Inspired to be great.

Define U


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