“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” -Warren Buffet 

-Warren Buffet 


What a quote. This is what I strive to leave as a legacy for my family when I am dead and gone. My goal is to provide shade for my family. This is a true leadership quality that some people have that all are capable of having. Of course, this doesn’t come without hard work and dedication. Think about this. 100 years from today your great, great grandchildren could be sitting around getting told stories about the family legacy that started with you. A Huge family tree that you provided shape for. The Irony of this is it will take money to get there and today’s spotlight is a quote from none other than a finance GIANT. Get your money right. Seek the knowledge or better yet. Find someone who knows it and become a sponge. Far too many people are not where they want to be because they are lazy. Physically lazy? Sure, but more so mentally. You need to mentally get over yourself enough to get help in areas where the knowledge isn’t there. Help yourself first. Read Read READ! I cannot stress this enough. The best knowledge is still written in books and is timeless. Start with a classic, Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich. So, today start to plant that tree and watch it grow big and strong to provide that shade for the future. Be Inspired!

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