Happy Monday Everyone,

Let’s get right into it. Your life will not change if you sit around and wait for it to do so. If you are waiting and depending on someone else to provide you with happiness and success, I need to tell you that you will die with your hand out. Last year I saw a Gary Vaynerchuck video where a fan asked him to give her three words to motivate her. Simply, Gary said, “You’re gonna die.” BOOM! How much motivation do you need? You’re gonna die is the foundation of time wasted. Knowing your fate will come one day should be the fire you need to stop waiting and start doing. I am fired up today because I have a passion for you and your success. The problem is I can’t have more passion for you than you do for yourself. Think about this for a second, only a second though because you need to get to work. Getting to work could mean a few different thing. It could mean finding a passion, it could mean knowing your passion but researching on how to make things happen in life. The point is to keep moving forward. Leave the past in the past. Put your hands in your own pockets ad see what you pull out. You deserve to have everything you earn. Be inspired!

Define U

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