The Blame Game

It’s your fault. No, really, it’s your fault. Stop the blame game. Every action has a reaction and only you can control your reaction. Most people love to blame others for their shortcomings because let’s face it, it’s easier to point the finger away from your body than it is to point it at yourself. I believe in circumstances that cause actions and reactions. Meaning, bad things will happen to those who put themselves in a position for bad things to happen. I am not naive to the fact that we cannot control every situation, as being blindsided is common. I am however willing to point the finger at myself to make me feel better. Think about the last time you got into an argument with someone.Naturally. our first reaction to someone hurting us is to have them make us feel better. It never quite made sense to me as to why I would look to the person that hurt me for validation on me feeling better. It’s like a fighter who gets punched in the face looking for the person that punched him to extend his arms out for a hug. I want to be clear in something, Nobody but you owes you anything. You owe yourself the strength to get through situations. You can seek help but the change won’t come until you make the decision to change.

As a Mindset coach, this is my biggest challenge. Often people come to me looking for answers. My passion is helping people realize that the answer is already in them and we together need to help bring that out. It is a tough road but it can be done. I have seen it happen to many times and most importantly, I have done it multiple times. Be Inspired!

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